Exterior House Paint

Choosing Exterior House Paint Colors

paint swatch books
Endless color choices.

With so many color choices it’s difficult knowing where to start. We began by looking at classic, exterior house color combinations online, and at the paint store.

Originally we were leaning toward a gray/taupe color with white trim, but after walking around our neighborhood and seeing that every-other-house was painted gray, that idea because less exciting.

paint swatches 2
Paint samples.

Painting little sections of our house with paint samples helped quite a bit. But to get a bigger picture, we turned to Photoshop and hastily mocked up some photos with different color combinations to give us an idea of what our house would look like with different colors.

paint color idea light gray paint color idea brown paint color idea taupe paint color idea blue green
Slowly we narrowed down the endless choices by looking at colors in the blue-green family. Then we had samples made of colors we were drawn to. Some were too pale, too green, too bright, too blue…

paint swatch cards
Narrowing down our choices.

We did a lot of research, and web searches for “blue/green exterior paint colors” until we came across a blog that had photos of a house that was painted with a color from the Roycroft Arts and Crafts line by Sherwin Williams called “Studio Blue Green”. We went straight to the store for a sample. The only problem was…the color had been discontinued. Luckily they were able to find the information and match the color.

The next step was finding the right white for the trim. Who knew there were SO many shades of white to choose from!!! In the end we chose Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”.

Finding the perfect colors seemed to take forever…until we started scraping the old paint off the house. This was one of our least favorite projects so far!

scraping paint
Scraping off the old paint.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better! Our house looked like such a wreck, for months, while we scraped the old paint away, and then primed the bare spots.

house painting in progress 3 house painting in progress 2house painting in progress 1We spent our wedding anniversary painting the house!

Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary!

z paintinggraig paintingIn the end, it was worth all of the hard work. Adding color to our once dull, beige house brought out it’s character and charm.

rock and nest exterior house before and after
Before and after.
Purchased 2009.

P.S. Our next post will explain why the front of the house looks so drastically different after we painted it. You uncover lots of surprises when you work on an old house. Sometimes replacing a few things before you paint them turns into ripping the entire front porch off!



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