Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation/Demolition Day

Although we spent weeks…ok…YEARS planning for this bathroom remodel, the weeks leading up to demolition day were packed with research. Tile shopping, internet research, endless plumbing supply store visits, salvage yards. You name it. We tried to think of everything. But you can never really plan for the things you will unearth when you demo an old house!

Meet our best friend, Bailey.

Bailey means business. Without him we would be less apt to take on the huge projects we have. He knows how to fuck shit up and more importantly, put it back together again. I don’t think we tell him often enough, but he’s helped make our dreams come true with our house and we’ll forever be grateful and very thankful for his friendship.

I made life sized mock-ups of what things could potentially look like. I am a visual person and I can measure all day long, but seeing things life-sized helped me tremendously. At this point we thought we were going to put the mirror on barn-door tracks, but as you’ll see in later posts, we decided on something different.

bathroom layout with cutout lights and mirror rockandnest

Ok, on to the demolition!

Demolition is fun! Especially when you’ve been living with an outdated, vile, moldy bathroom for years. Remember, we rented this house before we bought it and were unable to make any changes. We spent years daydreaming of this moment, and it was a true joy…kind of, you know, dirty and hard, but joyful!

There was the issue of wanting to salvage the bathtub, so we could donate it. It could have been refinished and used in another home. It was much too short and shallow for our needs. It would have been nearly impossible to remove it whole through the abnormally narrow doorways of our house. So we smash it into bits. Kind of sad. Totally wasteful and somewhat regretful, but it had to be done. There really is nothing like a cast iron tub. If only this one were larger we would have had it refinished.

Goodbye, bathtub!

bathroom demolition day rockandnest

bathroom demolition wall crashed into toilet rockandnest

The brown, faux marble shower wall finally came down! Hard. Unfortunately it smashed the toilet tank which then flooded the bathroom. Oh, what fun!

bathroom demolition smashed toilet 2 rockandnest

bathroom vanity demolition 3 rockandnest

bathroom wood rot 2 rockandnest

And then the dry rot was uncovered! As with every renovation we’ve done to this house, we always uncover something structurally unsafe, potentially dangerous, or just plain gross lurking behind a facade. And the dry rot was not the worst of it…

bathroom rats nest rockandnest

Look what we found under the bathtub!!! A RATS NEST! Made of straw and Christmas tinsel! Clearly it had been there for many years. We rented the house for 10, owned it for 5 and never used tinsel. Any regret I was feeling for breaking apart the bathtub kind of dissipated after this discovery!

Next up…the long, long, long rebuilding of the bathroom. Shortened into one easy, breezy blog post for your convenience. Stay tuned!








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