Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation: No End In Sight

During every renovation, DIY or otherwise, there is a breaking point. You’re either living life in limbo, living in a construction zone, or both. Overwhelmed. Broke. Broken. Argumentative. Sleep deprived. Not eating properly. Wanting/needing to see the end in sight.

The trash pile in the backyard is turning into a mountain, but you have all you can do to go to work, work on the remodel when you get home from work and on the weekends, feed yourself and shower…wait, scratch that. We didn’t have a shower, which meant weekly, or bi-weekly trips to my mom’s apartment to shower. Lots of exhausted nights going to bed filthy and being way too tired to even care. It actually got to the point where we started questioning why we were re-doing the bathroom in the first place. Maybe we didn’t even need one!

The house is a complete disaster. Inside and out. The bathroom renovation manages to take over everything!

bathroom remodel credit card debt rockandnest

The credit card bill keeps adding up. Daily, sometimes twice daily trips to Home Depot. The stack of receipts is almost as huge as the trash pile in the yard! Plus research, reading reviews, ignoring reviews, deciding on the best buy for everything: tile, grout, bathtub, toilet, light fixtures, and more. It’s like a full time job.

kithchen during bathroom remodel rockandnest

Meanwhile, the tiny kitchen doubles as a bathroom and being the only sink in the house it’s also used to clean up tools after a long day of working on the bathroom remodel.

Your hands and fingernails become a filthy, embarrassing mess. Too ashamed to go get a manicure, and what good would it do anyhow, with these banged up, workin’ man hands.

sad refrigerator during remodel rockandnest

The refrigerator fills with rotting food, left-over take out, expired condiments, and cheap beer. Cheap beer is important to have on hand to give to your friends who come by to help. You can always buy them dinner once you’ve finished a long, hard day of work. You owe them that, at least. In the meantime, ply them with cheap beer and snacks to keep them around!

Decisions have to be made on a daily basis. The plumber needs to move a vent on the roof, or he can use the old one but it isn’t as convenient now that we’ve decided to move the toilet across the room. Wood for the custom mirrors has to be chosen. I had my heart set on one type of wood, but chose another because of cost. Deciding where to place the toilet became an issue. I did not want it placed in-line with the door, but because of other factors, that is where it ended up, after much discussion. And, where was the toilet paper roll holder going to go? This was important to me, despite the fact that the plumber and my husband thought it was a waste of time to worry about. Decisions that seem unimportant at the time but will affect your daily life once, if ever, the renovation is finished is an important part of the process. These thoughtful choices make life easier at the end of the day.

And then you almost start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Almost.

bathtub shower surround build out rockandnest

The bathtub is in place and you are nearly ready to set the tile.

first bath bathroom remodel rockandnest

Although you need a wrench to turn the water on and off…you can finally take a bath!

gutted bathroom walls beers rockandnest

There is drywall up on the walls. Well, two walls anyway. But that goes “quick” you tell yourself. Plus, the unfinished wall makes for a convenient shelf for your beer while you work!

As soon as you think you see an end nearing sight…something usually goes wrong.

In our case with the bathroom remodel, it played out as the HEX TILE NIGHTMARE!

Stay tuned…







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