Bathroom Renovation

Our Bathroom Remodel Began With a $25 Sink and Ended With a Custom Vanity

Our bathroom remodel began with a $25 sink. We wanted something large and this Craigslist find fit the bill. What a deal, we thought! Then realized that in order to make it work in our bathroom, we would need a custom vanity built for our seemingly affordable find!


We thought we could do it ourselves. How hard could it be to build a box with some drawers? We started with measuring the existing vanity, which we liked the size of and had been living with for 15 years, so we were accustomed to it. It was in pretty bad shape and not worth salvaging, or trying to retrofit for the new sink.

Once we figured out the measurements we mocked up a (terrible) drawing of what we wanted to build. We should have known at this point that we weren’t capable of building a vanity!

custom bathroom vanity drawing rockandnest

custom vanity in progress marina rockandnest
Marina, the cat, seemed to like it!


We managed to build the frame ourselves, then realized we were in over our head.

after custom vanity close up rock and nest
Custom bathroom vanity. #rockandnest

We finally enlisted the help of our friend who is a wonderful furniture maker. He was able to build the drawers and doors and complete the vanity for us.

Our bargain sink ended up costing us much more in the end, but we are thankful for our talented friend and quite happy with the end result!

More details on our bathroom remodel to follow…



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