Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom: Before & After

Now that the bathroom remodel is behind us, it is fun to look back and appreciate the hard work we put into it. When I look at the before photos I am embarrassed that we lived with the mold and ugliness for as long as we did. But waiting for a time when we could actually afford to remodel was well worth it!

before and after vanity rockandnest

before and after vanity and sink rockandnest

before and after bathtub and shower rockandnest

A reminder of what we were dealing with….

Before: The window. Luckily it still opened and closed. Unfortunately it was covered with mold so no one wanted to touch it!

before moldy bathroom window 2 rockandnest


The bathroom window was beyond repair, so we had a local vintage window company build both window sashes to size. We installed them ourselves. We were able to reuse the old weights, and just had to replace the rope and pulleys.


vintage restored wood window rock and nest.jpg

Old sink and vanity….

before old vanity rockandnest

New sink and vanity…

after vanity rock and nest

Old storage cabinet…

before deep bathroom storage cabinet rockandnest

New storage cabinet…

bathroom remodel custom tall cabinet by workbench design rock and nest seattle

Old shower and bathtub fixtures…

before tub spout rockandnest

New shower and bathtub fixtures…

after tub spout rock and nest


More after photos coming soon and info on the DIY mirror frames that we built!






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