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Kitchen Remodel: Mixing Black and White

rock and nest kichen renovation kitchenaid refrigerator.jpg

The new fridge lived in our living room for quite a while!

While we were working away, on our house and at our actual jobs, we also had to find time to source and purchase materials and appliances. That is a job in itself!

Our first purchase was a white, Kitchenaid French door, counter depth refrigerator that I found it at a local Sears Outlet store. It has a small scratch on one side that I knew would never be visible. Then I was on the lookout for the matching range. That search wasn’t as easy.

I found the range on but it was located out of state, so I wasn’t able to see it in person before I ordered it. When it was delivered it had been dented during transportation and the oven door didn’t open or close properly. Back it went. Unfortunately the delivery guys hauled off my old stove so I was kind of frantic to find a usable range to cook on during the renovation.

Cooking used to be fun, not so much with holes in your walls and dust covering everything. Also not fun, cooking with a hot water kettle and hot plate that only has two settings: off and burn.

Another “deal” appeared on a few weeks later, same model, so I ordered it. That one was so severely damaged when it arrived in Seattle that they didn’t even bother bringing it to our house.

Sometimes you just have to pay full price to get what you want, so I went to a local appliance dealer.

In the end it worked to our benefit that the matching white range didn’t work out, because by then we’d decided to go with black lower cabinets and realized a black range would look much better. The Universe has a way of telling you when something isn’t meant to be!

I ordered the black Kitchenaid gas range and I waited. And waited. When I called to inquire when it might arrive I was told it had been discontinued. Kitchenaid would no longer be offering the black or the white version of the range I wanted. Only stainless steel, and while I know it’s the most popular finish, that is not what I wanted.

The appliance store salesperson said he was working with a Kitchenaid rep to get me one of the last black ranges from a final run of production. Luckily they obliged when I asked if we could get a loaner stove, since we didn’t know how long we’d be waiting.

rock and nest cooking on a loaner stove kitchen renovation.jpg

Seriously tired of ramen and take-out, I was happy to cook again on the loaner stove!

And then finally…as the kitchen started coming together, the black Kitchenaid, 5-burner gas range arrived!

kitchenaid black gas range KSGG700EBL rock and nest .jpg

…and it was well worth waiting for!

kitchenaid black gas range KSGG700EBL rock and nest 2.jpg

While we chose black Ikea Laxarby lower cabinets for most of the kitchen, we chose the Ikea glossy-white Ringhult cabinets to surround the Kitchenaid refrigerator.

We still need to trim this out, but we are totally enjoying all this storage!


Black and white are a timeless color combination. And well, my love for black and white tuxedo kitties might play a tiny role in the color choices I make!

Up next…a breakdown of what we purchased for our kitchen remodel.



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