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Kitchen Remodel: Slow Progress

Of all the projects we’ve done, the kitchen remodel has been the most difficult. We refinanced our house in order to make it happen, which in itself was stressful. Trying to get money from a bank when you’re only employed part-time, and your husband is self-employed, isn’t easy. The one thing we had working in our favor… Continue reading Kitchen Remodel: Slow Progress

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Kitchen Inspiration

Below you will see my inspiration photos for our kitchen remodel. You’ll see white tile, butcher-block, dark cabinets, white walls, exposed beams, drop lighting, and gold accents. Note that there aren’t many upper cabinets pictures. Light, airy and open is the goal! I wish I could give credit where credit is due, but Pinterest and Google don’t… Continue reading Kitchen Inspiration

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“Your Kitchen Is Weird.” – A Craftsman Bungalow Kitchen Renovation

“Bungalow implied a one-story or story and a half dwelling of between 600 and 800 square feet. Bedrooms were only bunk spaces. The kitchen, fitted like a ship’s galley, accommodated a single person.”  – Gwendolyn Wright. From Building the Dream/MIT Press. That pretty much sums up what our kitchen is like; a ship’s galley that accommodates one… Continue reading “Your Kitchen Is Weird.” – A Craftsman Bungalow Kitchen Renovation